Online Cemetery Management System

Moving Forward

It’s Easy to Move Forward with Our Online Cemetery Management System
As a cemetery owner, all you need to do is these three simple steps:

  • 1

  • Fill Out the Online Application Form
  • 2

  • One of our representatives will call you to discuss the size and format of your database
  • 3

  • Once we transfer the data, you’re ready to go

Frequently Asked Questions

How quick can you set up our Online Cemetery Management System?
Depending on the size of your current database format and size, we average 3 to 5 working days once we receive your information.
How much will it cost to set up and use the system?
The cost depends on the amount of resources we dedicate to your cemetery operation, the size of your database, and how many people will use the system on a daily basis.
Can I display the data from my existing website?
Yes you can. We will provide you with three access modes:

  • 1

  • A free code that you can copy and paste to your website that links your existing content to a purpose-built page that matches your identity.
  • 2

  • A free custom-built website with built-in and integrated facilities.
  • 3

  • We give you access to the system through an API where your IT consultant can interact with our servers.

Can you build extra modules for our specific needs?
Yes, for a fee we can provide extra modules and customizations to fit your cemetery’s needs.
How much will it cost to buy the software? Is it open source?
As of this time, the software is not for sale, and is only provided as a service. The source code is only provided on a need to know basis, which protects the security and integrity of the service.
How much will it cost to leave or cancel the service?
There are no costs involved if you wish to cancel your membership.
How can I take my data if I cancel my membership?
You will be able to export your data in CSV format.

Still have questions?

You can call us or fill out the application form for one of our representatives to call you.