Online Cemetery Management System

How Does OCMS Work?

Information in One Centralized Location

When you subscribe to our Online Cemetery Management System, you’ll be able to manage all your cemetery records and information in one centralized location and platform. There is no software or hardware to install, and set up is quick so you can use the platform almost immediately.

Get Instant Access 24/7/365

With our cloud-based cemetery management platform, you can easily access your cemetery records anytime, anywhere…all you need is access to a web browser, mobile internet, or Wi-Fi.

Affordable Solution to Manage Your Cemetery’s Records

Once you fill out an application online, one of our representatives will give you a call to discuss the size of your cemetery database and format. Then we’ll let you know how much it will be for you to subscribe to use our cemetery management hosting services. We guarantee that you’ll save thousands of dollars every year in IT consulting fees, maintenance, equipment breakdowns, software updates, downtime and more when you switch from legacy software to us.

Easy To Use

We created an easy to use Online Cemetery Management System so people of all skills can easily access cemetery records and information online. We offer an all-in-one solution for cemetery operators to:

  • Track Services and Bookings
  • Manage Interments, Graves, and Grantees
  • Manage Stocks, Sales, and Financials
  • Share Cemetery Information with Others on an Online Intranet
  • Search for Information and Records Using a Built-in Search Engine
  • Share and Restrict Access to Funeral Directors, Employees, and Stonemasons
  • ... And Much More


    You can budget with certainty, an accessible membership fee and you don’t need to worry about updates, maintenance or technical issues, since we do everything behind the scenes in our Network Centre. We manage, maintain and upgrade the system, no hidden costs or surprises. Our Online Cemetery Management System is the solution to save you time and money.