Online Cemetery Management System

OCMS Benefits

Benefits of Using Our Online Cemetery Management System

Subscribing to use our Online Cemetery Management System is so easy, anyone can use it with little to no technology or internet skills. Accessible through any web browser, mobile internet, or Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to keep your cemetery records nearby, wherever you are and whatever technology you use.

Our Online Cemetery Management System is a cloud-based application that does not require you to download or install any hardware or software programs. Once you subscribe to our cemetery management system, you’ll never use multiple platforms again, and here’s why:

  • There is little to no capital expenditure, only a small monthly subscription to gain full access to our online content management system.
  • All you need is a login user ID and password, and access to a web browser, and you’re all set to start using the system.
  • We do all the upgrades at our Network Centre so you don’t have to.
  • No hardware or software to install, as it is an online software platform.
  • Highly scalable to manage growing cemetery operations.
  • Generate extra income through our e-commerce facilities and our Revenue Sharing Program.
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A Brief List of System Features:

Our Online Cemetery Management System offers a one-stop solution to manage your day-to-day cemetery operations. Several features include:

  • Manage Graves, Grantees, and Interments.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Records.
  • Generate Occupancy Reports and Certificates.
  • Built-in Search Engine.
  • Manage Cemetery Work Flow and Tasks, Including Grave Maintenance.
  • Manage Sales and Export Financials to any Accounting Program.
  • Manage E-mail, Documents, and all Data.
  • ... and much, much more

More Features

To see a complete list of the features our Online Cemetery Management System Offers, click here. Our easy to use, cloud-based cemetery management system allows you to cut expenses, including IT consultants, software and hardware purchases and upgrades, as well as server equipment and maintenance. You’ll never look back to your old records system again!